• Boston Copley Square

    Letter to Boston

    Dear Boston,

    My name is Shivam Negi, and I´m writing this letter on the last day of October’18 from a tiny espresso shop in the downtown of Seattle. A city where I´ve just moved from the Beantown, and completed the first 100 days. So, Boston, when I look at Seattle’s skyline from the windows of this shop, it reminds me of your skyline. On some nights, I try to count all the buildings and the countless lights beaming out of each apartment, just like the way I use to do while sitting next to Charles after a day in your Public Library at Copley.

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    Why Boston should be your to-go Fall-destination!

    What comes to your mind when you hear Boston? Maybe The Boston Tea Party (history, if you don’t know, better you find out), maybe Harvard (smart wicked people) or possibly the MIT ! I fell in love with this city when I saw the ’21’ the movie 🙂  which was filmed at Boston University. And for me, it will remain the best city on the East coast.