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Traveling Solo in Mexico City

The moment I finished BBC’s Worlds Busiest City on Netflix, I knew that I will be going to Mexico City(CMDX). The best part of going to Mexico is that you can travel to the fullest on a shoestring budget, unlike other European getaways.

Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties. With its rich culture, mouth-watering Mexican food, astounding
prehispanic Mayan architecture, and despite being one of the busiest and populous cities in Latin America, Mexico City attracts solo travelers from all corners of the world. To make the best out of your trip to this fiesta land, here is my guide for all the solo-travellers.

Yo Hablo No Espenyol

Translation-“I don’t speak Spanish(Mexican)“.
Rule number 1 for getting the most out of this city is – Learning Basic Spanish. While you can easily find many English speakers in Hotels or in some of the famous restaurants but it is highly possible that you can end up in a place where people do not even know a single word of English. So learn basic Spanish.

“How I can learn Spanish?”
Ans. Use Duolingo
It’s an awesome app. I have been using it for a year now.

Nomad Negi Curiosity Wanderer Mexico City Travel Guide

Stay near CMDX Downtown

Centro Históricois the central neighborhood in Mexico City, focused on Zócalo. The Zocalo is the largest plaza in entire Latin America and is filled with tons of attractions. Out of 9,000 buildings in this region, 1,550 have been declared to have historical importance.

If you are solo-travel to Mexico City, which is full of hustle-bustle, you must stay in places that are always at a walkable distance from all the major attractions. It is always safe to be staying in such places which are near the downtown of the city as that area is always the safest part of the city as well as in case of an emergency, you can connect with someone for help.

Xochimilco and

If you are a party animal and who loves to experience partying in photogenic, brightly colored gondolas, or Xochimilco Trajineras, that cruise up and down the waterways, then Xochimilco is the place you must visit. It takes around 1 to 2 hours to get to this amazing town which is down in the south of Mexico City.
Teotihuacan, on the other hand, is the most popular destination with historical significance around Mexico City.  Visiting this place on your own is easy, helps you save some money, and allows you to make your own decisions. The best tip would be to avoid the weekend and visit here early in the morning to avoid crowd which starts pouring by 11 AM.

Mexico City Solo Travel Guide
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Use UBER late at night (avoid metro)

Using the Mexico City metro will give you a true feel of daily life in the capital, but it is also hectic as hell. Like Delhi Metro, I swear it sometimes feels like the entire Mexico City population is in your coach during peak hours. When you compare buses in the Mexican capital, and even taxis, with Mexico City metro, the metro is the safer choice. 
But in the evening hours, the Mexico City metro should not be preferred as people have suffered incidents like mugging and sexual harassment. Use Uber rather which is one of the fastest and safest in such hours. It is also available in Polanco and Roma Norte neighborhoods, two colonias many foreigners visit.

Dive into Mexican Street Food

If you love street food, solo in Mexico city is the perfect way to experience that segment of solo-tripping. velling. Everywhere you turn, there’s another stand making something else delicious!
I got lucky and met a fellow couch surfer from Cusco, Peru who ordered Mexican street food for me whenever wherever we crash at any street food stall. I would seriously recommend food stalls around the anthropology museum(must visit!). This entire circular road is filled with 360 degrees of street food which can trigger all the curious taste buds you have got.
I would personally recommend Nopal(cactus) salad, Tacos (very authentic) and thick masa (corn mixture) cake formed by hand.

Sign-up for Free Tours!!

If something is free, as a shoestring budget traveler, I am all for it. Free tours are the best way to get closer to the Mexico city, find out about its history, current events, festivals and in general plan trips.
Though there are many free tours I would seriously recommend prebook for one and don’t get late for the tours. These tours are at a good pace and include many key locations. Also, the starting point was very easy to find, and the ending point was in a perfect location as well.  So go for it, as its extremely recommended.

Avoid lines by buying tickets for Museums in advance!

As a bustling metropolitan, Mexico City is filled with museums, churches and galleries where you may need tickets. If you want to save time and skip lines, the best way is book tickets online in advance. This will also help you to plan your day and avoid wastage of time.

Mexico City Solo Traveller Guide

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